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Global Advisors
Our professionals specialize in creating customized investment plans according to the unique characteristics of each Client: age, risk tolerance, amount of assets, among others. Clever Financial Global Advisers does not work for the banks in which our customers maintain their accounts; therefore we have no interest in generating commissions for them. Our professionals work directly for our clients and their main goal is to align client´s interests with ours. They will always watch for the growth of clients assets, and therefore the growth of our company.

Clever Financial offers customers a centralized management for all of the clients investment portfolios in any of the different banks in which they maintaining their accounts. Clients receive one consolidated monthly report of their overall investment portfolio and can see all their positions in the different banks through our site in a centralized way. Additionally, clients have a single advisor who handles their portfolio, thus avoiding having to talk to 3 or 4 people in each bank.

We provide advisory for raising capital and debt in the international markets to our clients through a series of relationships with Banks, Private Equity Funds and Hedge Funds.

We are a licensed investment advisors in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.