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Professional Development
This business unit is responsible for developing courses, seminars and workshops in the area of ​​finance and investment, to be traded between our customers and financial institutions.

Some of these courses are:

Financial Education.
In Clever Financial we want our clients to be part of the development of their investment portfolios. Therefore, we offer our educational area so that they can understand and speak in the same terms as our advisors.

We have two educational programs of different levels:
Clever Financial Personal Investments.
Designed for those interested in getting started in the area of investment. Regardless of their profession, they could learn the operation of the various financial instruments and markets in which they trade.

Clever Financial Trading Strategies.
This workshop is intended for a more advanced level of education and it is oriented directly to anyone interested in the securities area. In this seminar you will learn and dominate a series of simple yet powerful strategies which will let the participant achieve consistent profits while minimizing risk. This workshop will also provide knowledge on how to maintain a positive mindset, which it is crucial to becoming a successful trader.